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Destination Wedding In Tuscany

Perfection? Choose it

Do they say that perfection does not exist? They say it perhaps to please themselves? or maybe not to dare more? They say so to make them believe that the best does not exist? Be that as it may, perfection can be achieved, it can be done! You just have to choose the right things and people at the right time to get a masterpiece. So, the place and the right time for your wedding have already been chosen: the right person is missing and right now you have to choose him.

“Him” is Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films.”Him” is an extremely talented and prepared guy, that has an infinite imagination, really. Just test him!

The infinite exists

For Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy, the limits don’t exist. True talent and the real creation never have brakes, they do not have “drops” of fantasy and ideas. His study and his curiosity never stop; his desire to create masterpieces never sleeps. Forget traditional boring wedding videos: Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films will encourage you to push yourself forward in your video shoot desires. You want to choose a documentary-reportage, a stop-motion video, a movie trailer or an aerial shooting with a drone? Yes, shooting from above will no longer be a prerogative of sporting and musical events: the top shot will give a unique original perspective to all special moments of your wedding day. This and more to make you understand the vastness of the possibilities you can have by choosing Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy.

Between modernism and classic wedding…

Between modernism and the classic, there is you and your personality that stands out. There is the true meaning of a great wedding and there are the first times… Yeah: the first times, which always remain at the top of memories. On your wedding day, shooting your first look is a fundamental part of your future home built together. The wedding photo and video shooting of “First Look” are taken in total intimacy, before the arrival in the church, away from guests, bystanders and whole the world. Only the romantic dreamer Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films knows exactly how to seize the moment to shoot the perfect photo. In search of real emotions, he will make your wedding photo and video services unique and unparalleled, as you. Take your first time and make it unforgettable with Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy!

Wedding with confidence

The choice of the perfect wedding videographer is an intelligent and strategic one, that allows you to receive many valuable benefits and advices. The true wedding photographer is not the person who takes up your story and expresses it in his own way; nor the one that always puts you in a pose, imposing things that do not belong to you. Without exaggeration, the real talent is the one who knows how to be near you and listen to you as a psychologist, that explains the things you ask for, letting you do it your way. The real talent is Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films.

Professionalism, skills, and know-how

He does not create simple traditional wedding photos and videos; he is creating personalized experiences alternating different styles and languages indeed. He knows how to choose between different approaches that he possesses to upset the traditional mechanism of operation of the old predefined schemes. The concept of wedding video made by Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy is a unique and personalized one, mounted like a real Hollywood movie. Enter the links and and get ready to get excited and move even if the events do not belong to you.

Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films’ concept

His philosophy is a very particular one. Every wedding is different from the other, that is why Emanuele Mura Wedding Films Italy is capturing only an original, one-of-a-kind wedding film, which you’ve never seen and you’ll never see anywhere. Being invited to your wedding, he will act like a guest, without invading and annoying you, meanwhile, taking pictures and videos full of you and your sweetie. Emanuele Mura Florence Wedding Films will have fun and live your wedding intensely. He will be comfortable for you as your invited guest while shooting amazing photos and videos of your wedding day. Is a wedding full of trust and confidence? Just contact EmanueleMura Wedding Films Italy!

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